If possible, try to download the game to play it; the HTML5 version sometimes does strange things to the physics. If you do play the HTML5 version, we'd recommend that you increase the quality in the settings.

In the distant future of 2020, one man with a brick on his gas pedal must defy data caps and mooch off of public Wi-Fi networks for downloads... AT HIGH SPEED.

Car Go Wi-Fi is a game about chaotically drifting through city streets in the tireless pursuit of that sweet, sweet bandwidth. Complete your download by speeding through hotspots and reach the goal point before time runs out, but don't take your time; you can never stop accelerating.


Car Go Wi-Fi features:

Fast-paced gameplay!

3* levels! Probably. Maybe?

Extreme, possibly excessive difficulty!

Car color customization!

Potato mode for spuds of all calibres!

Music from Oxter who for legal reasons I have to declare has a Bandcamp page here!



Turn - Left/Right Arrow Key

Drift - Z

Retry - Left Control or R 

Pause - Escape or P


Car Go Wi-Fi was developed by MadmanEpic and Skeleton Incognito in under 100 hours for the fourth Extra Credits Game Jam.


Update v1.1 brings controller and Android support to the game. Plus some bug fixes, probably, but I can't remember what any of those are.

To play the Android version, a Bluetooth controller or keyboard is required.


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Car Go Wi-Fi v1.1 22 MB
Car Go Wi-Fi v1.1 (Android, Controller/Keyboard Required) 22 MB
Car Go Wi-Fi v1.0 22 MB


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Very fun little drifting game. I really like how smooth the game flowed but I did have a lot of trouble actually having anything like control. The sheer acceleration meant I was constantly trying to just angle things so I wouldn't crash or careen off into the water. It was also too fast for me to react to anything in general, so I ended up once after dying just looking at the map, now that I had the time to, to try and figure out where I should go. Thankfully the levels I played were pretty short, so rapidly dieing and learning was basically the game plan.

hahah such a fun game to play! It was very fun and the music really fit in and made the game more immersive! I didn't even finish the first level yet but I will not stop until I've made it :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

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After hundreds of crashes, I finally beat the first level with a score of 461!! I had to do a short donut within some green orbs, but I made it finally! The car physics are hilariously fun in this game, and you did really well with the sound design and music choice! I also like how the game ran pretty smoothly on HTML btw!


I also just learned there was a drift button, since I thought you were always drifting with those crazy turns. Still very fun!! I only wish the car could take a few more hits before exploding into a million pieces! It would reduce frustration a lot lol!

Good job!